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Mock Trial is like a movie, with some law on the side. Competitions offer the thrill of a live performance  with the knowledge of law. And we love it because it challenges us in a way nothing else in school can. If you think you love it too, consider joining our team, there's always room. The only thing is we bring our A game, and we expect the same from you. If you have any questions, keep scrolling and hopefully we'll answer yours. If not, send us an email. We'll be happy to hear from you!

American Mock Trial Association (AMTA)

But I don't know anything about law...

Neither do we. Just kidding. Kind of. Don't worry, we teach you everything. Just bring your brain.

Do I have to be a political science major to be on the team?

Nope. We have students from multiple majors and disciplines who compete on our team. Mock trial isn’t just for future lawyers, it’s for future leaders.

Do I have to register in the mock trial class then?

So turns out you actually do have to. Not my fault, Paul told me to change it. Have fun boys and girls.

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