Regionals 2019

The University of St. Thomas is extremely proud to be hosting this year's AMTA Regionals. On this page, you can find all sorts of useful information, from the tournament schedule to a carefully curated local guide to the best hotel and dining options for those of you coming in from out of town. Welcome to Regionals 2019!

Tournament Schedule

Friday, February 22
4:00 - 5:00
Check-in (Jones Hall)
Opening Ceremonies (Jones Hall)
Captains Meeting (Jones Hall)
Round 1
All Loss Round 1
Saturday, February 23
Captains Meeting (Jones Hall)
Round 2
Captains Meeting (Jones Hall)
Round 3
Sunday, February 24
Captains Meeting (Jones Hall)
Round 4
Closing Ceremonies (Jones Hall)

UST Team Roster


Josue Rodriguez
Nicolas D’Amelio
Heather Luu
Neshia Roberson
Jordi Vargas
Anita Creech

UST Gold

Katie Fleming
Stephanie Mcsheehy
Yonairy Blanco
Briseyda Garcia
Carlos Guitterez
Marisol Granados

Volunteer Sign Up

We'll get to the point, we need volunteers. It's the only way this whole gigantic operation is going to work. The more volunteers we have, the smoother we are able to run the tournament and the less we'll have to spend on cigarettes. If this isn't enough to convince you, how about community service credit and a chance to see the greatest minds in the nation crossing swords? Very appealing, right? Just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

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